Welcome--Καλώς Ήρθατε--Bienvenido--Hoşgeldin--Willkommen--Добродошли


I created this site due to professional interest and needs. I had to do it in order to personally explore the current tools and instruments offered at large in the Internet landscape and to discover the  ways and the ease of use by not Internet professionals.

This look and feel experience has given me valuable insight. I also take advantage of this experience to organize one of my interests which has to do with social dancing and tango. Good for use by my friends with similar interests.
Peter, Voula @ 24/8/2009 

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It will be a pleasure to receive articles, links, comments, upcoming events or any other relevant to my site material for enhancing its content. The articles will appear signed with your name but if you wish you can remain anonymous. You can even participate as a regular editor and become a site user. For any submission or as to establish the initial contact please complete the "Contact me" form by pressing this link.

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By Who

I am Peter Kontopoulos(55), married to Marlen and my children are Zina(23) and Jason(15). We live in a seaside suburb south of Athens. Marlen and I have been married 30 (what?!) years now and among others we share a common hobby of social dancing and tango argentino.

I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineer and I concluded all my studies in England. I studied in Portsmouth, Manchester (Owens, UMIST) and London (King's College) and I posses a Ph.D. I have worked in England (Tantus Microsystems) and in Greece (CIS, Ergodata, Altec, ACN, Sysware) and I have been the creator and co-owner of DNA Ltd and Ideal Telematics SA. Currently I have created Locotel SA together with my partner Nikos Koskinas. One of our recent product-service is locoSMS the Internet based SMS service.

I like to work as an IT&T engineer and I always was considered by peers and colleagues as a part of Information Technology history of Greece. I also like to learn to dance and tango and I adore skiing.