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Tango Lessons

My primary source when I do research for my work, IT&T engineering and my other interests, is the Internet. Internet is full of information which is
  • unstructured and fragmented,
  • the contents of a site may be partial reflecting the views of the editor and may include naive or untrue comments/statements.
For that reason I have compiled a number of YouTube video clips in forms of tutorials concerning the Basic Tango moves so someone can study at his own time and pace. Graditude to dance schools that offered the internet community these video clips made. Press here to move to this page.

<< The Music On Hold Player

Music On Hold is a technical term defining the music you hear when you are put on hold on your phone waiting for the one you call to answer. In my case the term is describing the music you hear when you are holding your partner while you dance.

Here you see a list of music selections arranged in tandas of four tango argentino songs each separated by cortinas of music. All songs are amongst the thousands I like but are the ones ringing in my head during this period of my life. Please enjoy at your own leasure and look in as I will try to add more music with time.

The Tango

As I understand, there are many types of dancing. Ballet, Modern, Latin, European, Folk and many Ethnic etc. Typically you dance to music. This is the common thing between dancing and Tango. Tango was created as a dance but evolved in the minds of people into some form of interaction between two persons that try to express. It appears to me that it has become another form of art which is very intrinsic, personal and popular. It is possible that tango is a body language hidden within our instincts subdued by civilisation and plastic. You have to learn to tango as you have to do with any other form of art. The better you learn the more you express. You always feel you can express more so you have to learn more and practice.
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